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Your personal digital vault to safeguard confidential and personal information

The privacy guard 3.0 version from the house of Leomaster is probably one of the most widely used and preferred phone security and management tool available in the market. It packs in some amazing features that are absolutely imperative in android phones since the endless technological dependence on these devices is inevitable and almost never ending. Originally the device that was just meant for long distance calling has now evolved into devices that offer prime technological solutions. Now since so much is being done with the help of them, it is also important to make sure that they are kept safe and secure from all privacy leaks and distortions.

The beneficiary features

If you personally review LEO privacy guard 3.0 that it will be quite clear as to why most android phone users will swear by the amazing features that it offers. There are several management and security related issues that can be handled with complete security protection with the help of this application management tool. There are some features that require adequate attention and they include the benefits such as application lock, safe box and security scan.

Now keeping your phone free from cyber threats is very important and in order to do so, it is imperative that your phone is guarded against such problems. The LEO privacy guard thus helps you to keep a constant track of your protection level. With one simple click you can scan all the existing or potential loopholes that may harm your privacy. You can even separately scan images, videos and so on to get a more precise feedback.

The safe box

One of the most interesting things that Leomaster offers with this protection is the benefit of storing your entire private details including images, videos, messages, and contacts and even calling logs. All of these can be secured in the safe box and given the maximum protection that you need.

The application lock is one of the most popular features available in this application. With this application you can easily secure all applications available in your phone, including all the social media platforms such as Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp and many more such. All these can be locked with the help of a password or pattern and kept free from the prying eyes of intruders. Each application can be locked in accordance to circumstances, time and even location and the lock mode can be customised according to your requirements.

 Review LEO privacy guard 3.0 yourself and you will instantly understand as to why it is so popular and in demand and quite possibly one of the best android protection and management tools.