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Why would anyone want to visit Cody Wyoming?

In a state that has more wildlife than humans. Some vacationers appreciate the quiet that Wyoming affords. The quaint cabins and scenic views are a far cry from the hustle and bustle of any metropolitan area. Cody Wyoming is named after Buffalo Bill Cody, AKA, Wild Bill.

The biggest natural attraction other than the bears is the proximity to Yellowstone Park. Which while extremely overcrowded during popular time, one can find a measure of quiet peace when there are not so many people around. Off season you can find reasonable lodging close to Yellowstone Park. You definitely will not run out of things to do on your visit to Cody, Wyoming. Between visiting Yellowstone, to going to the many tourist attractions from Wild Bill museum, and if weather permits you can see the rodeo. But in the winter the snowy bad weather will most likely preclude many outdoor activities. You really have to wait until the end of the summer to engage in the rodeo and stampedes.

Cody Wyoming had a cowboy history that still is apparent in their rodeos and stampedes. Cody is located close to Yellowstone’s entrance. If the history of the west intrigues you, Cody is a good example of what actually happened. In the start of the 1900’s Cody Wyoming was incorporated. While you visit Cody Wyoming you can go to Native American museums that perhaps do not show the reality of the settler/Native American experience.

There are dinner theater and boat tours to go on, also when the weather is conducive to these activities. Other activities such as taking bus tours, zip lines, going river rafting, kayaking, and canoeing. During the winter the weather makes most of these activities dangerous. But there is a group that takes people on extreme tours. These tours are not for the faint of heart, putting the tour goers in harm’s way. You can decide to go to a miniature village or go tubing on the river, but again this is not for the wintertime.

In order to reach Cody Wyoming, there are three airports. They all providing limited access of Cody to the rest of the US. The scenic landscape of Cody makes travel unaccompanied a dangerous proposition as it is mountainous. Cody is a popular destination, so it is advisable that you make reservations early, lest you be without a reservation to get there. The reason for its popularity is Yellowstone Park and its connection to western American history. It can be fun for both the young and old, as all can find something to amuse themselves in Cody.

All people should be warned about the possibility of bad weather, but this fact alone should not stop anyone from visiting. It is true that off season, the prices are cheaper. There are gorgeous natural scenery and wildlife to observe, great food to eat including buffalo burgers and other western cuisine. There is also the chance of bad weather and getting snowed in It can definitely be a good adventure or just be an average vacation. In a large sense the choice is yours as to when you choose to go on your trip as this will affect the weather you will experience, and subsequently the amount of enjoyment you have If you enjoy yourself enough, who knows you might decide to buy land there and live there.