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Why Booking a Late Holiday Deal is Best

With the summer at our doorstep, everyone is looking around for a cheap holiday offer. But they are only looking and not booking, as the latest trends show that late booking is becoming more and more popular. The power of the internet has given the people a chance to be in control, a chance where they are well informed of the prices and especially informed about the golden last minute deals many of the travel agencies offer. So in the following article, we summarize why late booking can be a great money saver if you play the cards right.

Why book late?

Many are feeling insecure about their job; hence they aren’t so confident in investing in some expensive holiday months ahead. Many of them had their salary reduced so are looking for that last-minute bargain. So the main reason that late booking is so popular these days is, unfortunately, the global economy. So if you’re the adventure type, want to travel and explore, and want to save some money in the progress the booking late is the choice for you.

Be aware, late booking isn’t for everyone.

  • If you have family with school-aged children I would suggest early booking. It makes no sense to risk ruining your family waiting a good last minute offer.
  • Want a specific hotel or have a specific tour where you want to spend your holiday, early booking means that there will be no compromises at the day of the trip.
  • If you have to travel at a specific time or you have restricted holiday periods, then early booking is the only way for you.

How to make the most of booking late

Start early

Even when booking late, you must start looking early in the season. This way you’ll be familiar with the prices from the beginning and you’ll know which offer is the bang for the buck. There are many sites that offer price comparisons, but I wouldn’t trust them. They are known for exaggerating the starting price, throwing a “huge” discount and baiting you to think that you saved a bunch of money. So it’s best to do your homework and follow the prices from the beginning on your own.

Search the right sites

As we mentioned, there are plenty of price comparison sites that offer last minute deals but their offers can be pricey and often the places can be undesirable. Your best bet is to first figure out what kind of holiday do you want, locate the sites that offer it and then wait until the perfect deal is on offer. Most of the travel sites have last minute deals pages; some of them even have notifications. You could even use Google Alerts.

Consider trouble spots

The best destinations to book late are definitely the ‘trouble’ spots. Often the political instability of a country lowers the demand which automatically means much lower prices. Turkey for example, even now has one of most affordable holiday packages. You could check out the pyramids in Egypt or swim in the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus for an astonishing price. You just need to check with your Foreign Office for recommendations about the country you choose in case anything happened that would increase the travel risk.

Book separately

Most often late holiday deals offer a package deal with the transportation and accommodation all in one price. And this for many is a great advantage, but it also can be a limitation in a way that it narrows down your options. There are many sites that offer cheap flights, some of them at ridiculously low prices. When you stumble at a destination that you like, you’ll easily find the accommodation. Maybe the price difference won’t be huge, but at least you’ll have several different options.

How do you plan your vacations? Ten months ahead so you pick the best offers or you need to wait for your office to know when you’ll have your holiday leave?

Susan writes for Early a finance company in Ireland that helps its clients access old pension funds after the age of 50.


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