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Where could you Purchase FC Barcelona Football Match Tickets

Football has been a rage with the people of Barcelona. As a result, those who have been visiting this part of the world would be more than interested in watching FC Barcelona into action. The visitors travelling to this part of the world would be keen to lay their hands on the best paid seats of the football stadium. People would relish the opportunity to enjoy their vacations in the beautiful Barcelona region along with having an opportunity to see their favourite team play.

Availability of seats in the stadium

While tickets have been made available to the general public merely two weeks prior to the match, the manner in which FC Barcelona tend to distribute them would imply that the remaining seats by this end would be some among the worst in the stadium. There are approximately 98,000 seats made available in the stadium and around 140,000 plus members of the club. It implies that club members have mostly cherry picked the best seats way before they have been made available for general people.

Availing best seats in the house

In case, you have been travelling to Barcelona and the club has been playing at home, you would certainly not miss out on the opportunity. As a result, you would like to make sure you get the best available seats in the house. When you have been made aware of the Barcelona fixtures, you could reserve the seats in advance. You could do so from an official ticket agent for the renowned FC Barcelona. Despite the tickets being expensive, they would be guaranteed tickets for the match you intend to see. However, this would be probably your only option to view matches such as the legendary FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid.

Other options for availing tickets

However, if you could wait until arriving in Barcelona, you would be having the option of purchasing tickets from touts. They would gather around the entrance of various ticket offices some days prior to the match. Moreover, their prices would also be slightly on the higher side. However, in case you wait until the match night, you might come across few people having extra tickets wishing to sell them on the price at which they have bought.

In case, you do not mind the kind of seats or tickets you receive, you would be left with few options only. The foremost would be to get in touch with the FC Barcelona ticket office, during working hours or at least an hour prior to the match. IT would not be wrong to suggest that there would be long queues. Therefore, you should make sure that you have ample of time at your hands. You could also purchase tickets for the match from tourist offices.

Cash machines of La Caixa

Your final option would be to purchase tickets from cash machines of La Caixa. It would be pertinent to mention here that not all machines would sell tickets. However, in case you have been searching for the ones marked ServiCaixa, you would be able to select tickets to be printed for you instantaneously.

Author Bio – Ted Davidsen has been a great football fanatic. He has been writing about FC Barcelona, which happens to be his favourite football team, for quite some time. His readers have been provided with all-encompassing knowledge about the performance of the team along with match fixtures as and when it happens.

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