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What health conditions should you be looking out for?

For the most part, when you are sick, your body displays obvious signs to urge you to seek medical help. Pain, swelling, bruises, cuts, redness and skin irritations are all distress signals for help. There are times when it is less obvious your health is in trouble. A number of common health issues – mental and physical –with less obvious signs can be overlooked.

Common health issues to look out for

Mental health problems are disorders often difficult to recognize as serious and debilitating. Of these, anxiety problems are the most common type and can be experienced as mild episodes to the more severe and devastating. Thevarious types of anxiety disorders include: Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Panic Disorder, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

The symptoms of anxiety disorders: feeling fearful, having panic attacks, irrational fears and constant worrying without any real need for it, are often dismissed as not being a serious health problem. There are associated physical symptoms, too, like having difficulty in breathing deeply, a raised heart rate and dizzy feelings. It is worrying if a simple act such as shopping can bring about an inordinate amount of stress. Symptoms of anxiety disorders are typically experienced for more than six months. If your symptoms make life difficult for you or make having relationships a challenge, then it is time to seek professional help. Depending on the type of disorder you have, and the severity of it, medical treatment may include anti-anxiety medication.

Depression is another mental health issue with symptoms that are often dismissed as not serious. This is a serious disorder however, and it needs to be recognized as such because depression can rob you of the quality of life you want. It is common for depressed people to be embarrassed, hide away their disorder and not seek help. They often feel a failure, not being able to cope with what life throws at them. This results in ignoring or ‘not seeing’ worrying signs such as feelings of worthlessness and constant fatigue. Depression can also manifest symptoms such as inability to focus and concentrate, experience persistent pains, sleep deprivation/insomnia/excessive sleeping, weight loss/gain, weakened immune systems and constant colds. Medical experts stress the need to seek medical help if you suspect you, or anyone you know, are suffering from depression. Just talking to someone, like a trusted friend, can prove beneficial.

Your well being is also dependent on maintaining good overall eye health. Regular eye examinations are the best way to detect any eye problems you may have, to establish whether they have worsened or if remedial treatment should be adjusted. The revolutionary LASIK surgery is a popular method used to correct vision – often eliminating the dependence on irritating lenses or glasses. If you wish to improve your vision, consider having premium LASIK eye surgery in Minnesota.

Monitor your health

Giving your body regular health checks is the first line of defense when it comes to avoiding bigger health problems. Regularly check the condition of your skin, eyes, ears, hair and nails. You should look out for small symptoms such as: brittle nails, bluish fingernails, thinning hair, and cold hands.

No health warnings should go ignored. Even if you suspect the smallest symptom, it is better to get checked out by your medical practitioner. Better health starts today.