What has Penguin Update from Google Affected the SEO WORLD?

Google has made it a mission to discourage bad SEO practices. The latest Google Penguin update has done nothing more to prove its commitment of not enabling its search results to become spammed or manipulated with poor quality and flagrant content. The Penguin algorithm has been a modified version of what started as a Web spam update. The algorithm that was updated on April 24, 2012, has been designed to boost the efforts of Panda update in order to differentiate between white hat SEO practices and black hat SEO practices. Webmasters adhering to ethical SEO practices had welcomed this update and received higher rankings for their respective pages. Let us read the below post about Penguin update.

SEO practices

After the Penguin update, several webmasters who for a long time practiced calculating SEO practices have received several warning messages such as ‘unnatural links detected’ along with suddenly suffering a great downfall in their webpage rankings. The question that remains among SEO consultants and webmasters would be how this Penguin update would affect SEO. What has been made clear is that webmasters should now be very careful in their page optimization services. Any deviation from white hat practices would be detected by the Penguin update and would result in heavy penalties.

Websites usually compete for having superior ranking in search engine results pages. The competition has driven few companies for adopting calculating back linking and various SEO tactics for their sites to outrun their counterparts. This has no longer been the case with Google’s Penguin update. The top five roles of Penguin update have been designed to stop web-spamming practices that would control page rankings on various search engine results pages, scrutinize content originality and reward those having relevant and good information. It would also work to boost rankings of pages using good user experience, to decide whether pages have been using abundance industry jargon and for increasing the rankings of quick websites that offer enhanced crawl ability.

Google calculating backlinking

Having the Penguin update firmly placed, back linking tactics to websites having no significant content would no longer have authority in search engine ranking mechanisms. Google would only offer enhanced search visibility to sites having high quality content. In addition, it would frustrate the rankings of those having inferior content. In the present times, webmasters and SEO consultants must ensure that their text and picture contents have been relevant and helpful to users. It should be opposed to adopting various measures for appeasing search engine spiders. This would be because the page contents have been useful and helpful to various users would be rewarded by the Penguin update.

by Penguin update

In case, you have been badly hit by Google’s Penguin update, it would be time to revisit your on-page optimization practices and rectify where you have gone wrong. In case, you have been copying content in the wrong manner, stuffing keywords or have been using back links for directing readers to irrelevant websites, it would be imperative that you remove them at the earliest. Apart from offering requisite and high-quality content for your sites, you should venture into other marketing platforms. You should change your focus from traffic and SEO to take up public relations techniques such as CPM advertising and referrals that would focus on consumers and users.