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Travel with Charminly to discover Italian art and culture

On you will discover the most beautiful places in Italy and their artistic and cultural heritage. In this website you can explore the surrounding areas of every facility from the Murge to Gargano, from Ferrarese to Ciociaria, where the great Italian architecture and style, are at their best. With Charminly, art and culture are essential part of the holiday.

OnCharminlyyou will find descriptions and pictures of the small unknown villages but that represent the true nature of authentic Italy: medieval villages still encircled by walls with the little shops and characteristic views, an intricate system of narrow streets, very old and unique buildings from the Trulli of Alberobello to the mountain huts in Valsavarenche. Let Charminly guide you to discover the castles built on the hills or the forts overlooking the sea to defend the country and that still dominate the landscape, and then medieval fortresses and buildings and other details on the architecture that has shaped the lands of Italy in last centuries.

Thanks to the Art and culture section you will discover the countless small museums and exhibitions that show the farming and pastoral life, a treasure you will not find anywhere else. There you will find working tools, photographs, clothes, diaries and testimonies. These are the glimpse of a recent past that could represent the lives of our grandparents, to understand the lifestyle of the past, with its hardness and its difficulty, but full of energy and courage.

On Charminlyyou can discover the great historical and artistic patrimony inherited from the Roman Empire with several archaeological sites, walls, arenas and amphitheatres, and even the buildings of Greek and Etruscan civilizations. And yet, dungeons, catacombs, cemeteries, villas and other great finds kept in museums and exhibitions such as pottery, jewelry, amphorae and other everyday tools. In addition to museums, you can discover more of the ancient civilizations simply walking through the town and the villages in Italy following special programs and visiting archaeological sites.

Visit Italy means also admiring the art and architecture of religious buildings, from small country churches, the most isolated sanctuaries, to the great baroque cathedrals. You will find extraordinarily beautiful frescoes, sculptures, paintings and wooden works, mosaics and unique and inimitable architecture heir of many ages and overlapping of different styles. You can visit also convents, monasteries and other religious buildings that are home to libraries and museums and help to preserve an ancient culture.

On you will discover also the great Italian cities from Venice to Rome, from Agrigento to Florence, you will visit the most famous points of interest such as arenas, churches, squares, palaces, or simply walk through their beauty and discover unknown corners, follow routes far away from everyday tourism, without being pressed by deadlines and forced steps. You will see with new eyes the Arena of Verona, the Castle of Taranto, the Cathedral of Assisi.

On Charminly guides you from north to south Italy in a unique artistic and cultural path, to enhance it and make it accessible to those who love art and beauty and are sensitive to appreciate their details.

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