Travel Khana Offers Exceptional Train Food Delivery Services, Now Offers Specialty Food

As far as train journey is concerned, food has been a major cause of concern so far but this scenario has changed over the course of the last few years and this could be attributed to the unique, novel and dedicated food supply service in train offered by Travel Khana. Most often, people dread taking train journey mainly because of the food availability. The food available in the train platform stations are not tasty and are cold as well. Such food items are also prepared in unhygienic condition and with dirty water which would make people stay away from such options. However, the whole problem has come to an end with Travel Khana lending a helping hand. The best thing about Travel Khana is that it delivers hot, tasty and freshly prepared food right to one’s train seat without any issues.

No limitations to variety

Travel Khana has become a huge hit ever since it was launched few years back and the reason is that it is able to keep up with its word, offering hygienic, fresh, hot food to one and all. If one wishes to order food with Travel Khana, all that they need to do is to choose from the wide range of menu which include Italian, Continental, Jain food, South Indian and lot other categories. There are no limitations and one no longer needs to adjust with whatever option they are left with. It is possible to order veg and non veg food in train with ease as Travel Khana takes orders through website, mobile device or Travel Khana app. One can also call the customer care number of Travel Khana to place the order. The whole process is quite easy and simple. Travel Khana app also works perfectly fine in offline mode and there is no need for internet connectivity to place the orders.

Specialty food offered

Get city special food in train with ease and the best part is that it would be delivered without fail. While travelling certain city is known to be famous for certain variety of food and with the help of Travel Khana, one can relish the local food made by reputed and top-notch restaurants with ease. It is possible to get pedas while traveling through Mathura, Briyani when in Hyderabad and much more options are provided to the travelers. Ordering beverages is also made possible with the top-notch train food service provider. Travel Khana has partnered with some of the best and well-known food chain across the region which is over 4000 restaurants throughout India. The best part about Travel Khana is that it would always be prompt with regard to delivery of the food at the right station. One can provide the PNR number with which the train timing would be tracked and food will be delivered without fail.

Travel Khana serves the customers best and provides for a wide range of payment options which includes credit card, debit card and cash on delivery. With so much of food options and with the guarantee of getting hot and freshly prepared food, one can get the best kind of experience while in train journey.