Top 5 Honeymoon Villa Destinations in South East Asia

For those who are honeymooning in South East Asia, there are an abundance of worldwide locations that are capable offering you the type of environment that everyone dreams of when it comes to sharing a memorable time with their loved one. Romance, adventure and relaxation are to be found in several key places throughout South East Asia. If you are serious about having a honeymoon that you look back on with joy and recommend for years to come, then any of these five villa destinations are going to be a great choice.

Chandra Villas

Location in Bali, the Chandra Villas are the epitome of romance. Those who think that this is your typical hotel stay will find otherwise. Meals are cooked by the villa chef, there are several activities offered in the garden such as martial arts yoga and Pilates and the like. For those who want to spend some time at the spa, they will find that this made easy with Chandra’s luxury Bali villa resort, as they have partnered with one of the best spas in the area. In addition, they have beaches, pools and beautiful scenery to simply sit and enjoy your spouse. If you have the need to go shopping, then there is no problem in making this come true either.

Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa

While many consider this a great villa destination, they are more of a hotel than a villa. However, this does not take away from the beauty and romance that it can offer to honeymooners. It is located within Cambodia and is full of excitement. The establishment offers:

  • A Victoria spa
  • Boutique
  • Library that is fully stocked
  • Mountain biking
  • Excursions to the temples
  • Board games
  • Outdoor swimming pool

Indigo Pearl

This is classified as a retreat to go to, and it is a great place for romance. Located in Phuket, the retreat is located on the Nai Young Beach. It was built as a way to pay homage to the history of the Thai people, hence why it was built with tin and has a tin mining theme throughout the location. For those who stay here, there are three restaurants on site, yoga classes, Muay Thai classes, martial art classes, and of course the beach to explore.

The Tamarind

This villa is located in Bang Saray, Thailand. The compound has nine villas with a staff of nine to dedicate to those who stay here. There is a pool for guest use, along with a personal chef. The villa also offers a Harley Davidson for guests to use and explore the area.

Villa Sapi

This villa is located at Tanjung, Lombok. What makes this villa so special is that it has the deserted island feel to it. Located alone, it can make a honeymooning couple feel as though there are no worries or outside distractions in the world. The villa has several features including three swimming pools, a private beachfront and private chef.