TinyOwl App for Ordering Food Online

TinyOwl has emerged as one of the most popular online food app in several cities across India. This app is designed such that it serves compatible with your smart phones. For people who wish to savor a variety of cuisines but are lazy to move out of their homes, this app is the best platform for them to order online food easily. TinyOwl app belongs to TinyOwl Technology Pvt. Ltd which was initiated as a start-up firm in Mumbai. This app is active in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bangalore where the people are benefiting through its amazing service. The market response of this venture is quite positive which has led to the framing of expansion plans in different cities across the country.

What makes TinyOwl different from other Food Delivery Apps

The TinyOwl app has been accepted by the people of few metropolitan cities in India as a good platform to order quality food. It helps them search for the finest restaurants in town with a click of a button. The order can be placed comfortably and the delivery is made using the quickest possible source. If you have the TinyOwl application on your smart phone then you can place your order in about 30 second!

Various Features of this App

This online food app is growing at a very good pace to offer an excellent service to the people. The success of TinyOwl is due to the various unique and helpful features it holds. Let us take a look at some of these amazing features:

  • Order tracking: Once you have placed your food order online using TinyOwl then the app offers the user with a special order tracking feature. The user is updated with the estimated delivery time along with the order status until it gets delivered.
  • Different cuisines: TinyOwl is connected with a variety of restaurants which makes it convenient for the user to select multiple cuisines. One can explore the menu cards of different eateries before making a selection.
  • Basic Interface: The app holds a simple and understandable interface that can be operated by any user. All the options are available on the homepage that makes it easy for the user to place an order.
  • Location Feature: TinyOwl is a smart app as it offers the user with a list of those restaurants which are close to their current location. Unlike other food delivery apps TinyOwl helps to reduce the delivery time by locating nearby eating joints.
  • Payment Methods: You can pay for your food order using cash or through credit/debit card. The option of net banking can also be used to pay the bills.

Facts about TinyOwl

The app has received about 100000+ downloads in different cities in which it is operational. TinyOwl has received positive reviews from the market critics and the customers who are enjoying its services to order quality food online. The app was officially launched on November 1, 2014 and since then it has worked to improve on its services and links to create a complete food ordering environment. Some of the enhanced features of this app are:

  • Simplified user interface
  • New restaurants and menu cards
  • Improved methods of user identification
  • Easy restaurant search results

Final Words

Make the best use of this app to make your lunch or dinner time a wonderful experience. TinyOwl is a smart food ordering app that takes care of the customer’s request and values their time. A variety of dishes and delicacies can be ordered within no time using this app. Learn more about TinyOwl by contacting the service support.