Three Tips for Buying Diamond Jewellery Online

Whether you are buying a diamond ring or a diamond necklace, you should be cautious when making purchases online. While the same criteria will apply to buying jewellery online or in person, since you cannot see or touch the purchase beforehand, it can be more difficult to know if you are buying an authentic piece. Use these three tips when buying jewellery containing diamonds on the Internet.

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Be Knowledgeable

Before buying any type of diamond jewellery, whether in a store or online, you need to know what to look for in a diamond. It is important to know about the four “C’s” when making a diamond purchase, especially if you buy it not mounted. The four “C’s” are:

  • Colour – The GIA uses a scale of D to Z when grading diamond colour. A diamond considered a “D” is colourless and the scale goes up to “Z,” indicating the increasing presence of colour.
  • Clarity – A diamond’s clarity references any blemishes or inclusions in a diamond, which are too small to be seen by the naked eye. The GIA has six categories for clarity, ranging from a flawless diamond, which has no inclusions or blemishes, to diamonds that are included, which means they are obvious under magnification. A diamond’s brilliance and transparency can be affected by inclusions.

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  • Cut – How a diamond is cut will affect how it sparkles, which refers to its brilliance and fire. The cut of a diamond ranges from excellent to poor. Along with how the diamond sparkles, the cut also refers to the gem’s design, craftsmanship and even how well it was polished.
  • Carat – This indicates the weight of a diamond. A one-carat diamond is one that weighs 200 milligrammes and the weight is subdivided into 100 points. This means the weight is measured to its 100th decimal, so you may find diamonds in pendants that are 0.25 carats or a ring with a 1.25-carat diamond.

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Get a Report

Ask to receive the grading report from the GIA regarding the diamonds used in the jewellery piece you want to buy. The gemological report will tell you the diamonds characteristics, which includes the four “C’s,” along with the origins of the diamond. The report helps to ensure you are purchasing authentic diamonds and clearly states if there has been any treatment to the diamond’s colour or clarity.

The GIA does not assess values of diamonds because they are an impartial entity that helps deliver information about gemstones. A GIA report cannot be duplicated because an authentic report has a hologram, microprint lines, and security screen to indicate the report is authentic.

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Read Information Carefully

When selecting a piece of jewellery online, carefully read all of the information about it on the website. If you have further questions about a piece, the website should have a contact number you can call to get more information. Be leery of online retailers who give out little information about their pieces and/or whose contact information is hard to find. Buying online can be convenient if you are careful.