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Three Restaurants You Need to Survive Winter

Holidays are here and the cold’s starting to getting in the bones. While the weather isn’t the best, don’t let it tamper with plans or fun. Here are three types of restaurants that will complete your neighborhood and enable your merriment to last till spring.

Neighborhood bar

With a chill in the air, bar-hopping quickly becomes bar-running and try rationalizing a two block long Uber ride. Best thing is narrowing down options to just the favs that can keep you warm and welcome. A great example (though the chill is minimal) is The Alibi Room in the Culver City neighborhood of Los Angeles. The rooms are warm but minimal accompanied by craft beers and well-constructed cocktails. Add a great kitchen menu, you’ll want to cozy up for the season.

Family Feast

The friends with kids are in town and they’re staring at you for dinner ideas. Realizing kids aren’t fans of Moscow Mules, you need a go-to restaurant that everyone can enjoy without your table being glared at for noise like The Diner on Clifton. Diner staples like fish and chips, turkey sandwiches and macaroni and cheese are easy wins for the kids. As they’re eating a simple grilled cheese, the rest of your party can find more sophisticated and healthy dishes like Yellowfin Tuna Clubhouse and Wild Mushroom Fontina Ravioli.

Cheap Eats

Finding fast, cheap and good eats is hard without resorting to big chains and franchises. After you explore and conduct your own taste tests, you’ll never want to let go of a great affordable neighborhood restaurant like Baltimore’s Tortilleria Sinaloa. You’ll get hot tortillas, fresh ingredients and low prices.