Things To Do In Mekong Delta – Your Easy Guide!

Mekong delta, located in Southern Vietnam, contributes to almost half of the agricultural output of the country. However, that’s the not reason why you would come here. This is also a great place of interest for tourists. The best way to reach is to take the car. It takes a 4-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho to come here. A bunch of tour operators are available in Ho Chi Minh City, and they can plan everything for you, which is a big advantage. In this post, we bring a few things worth knowing before your first visit.

Go for a cruising experience

There’s nothing more pleasing in Mekong Delta than taking a cruise. You can check for luxury Mekong river cruises by Secret Retreats as an option. The cruising experience here is kind of surreal because you can actually get a slice of the traditional life. The beauty of the paddy fields and amazing orchards is a sight to behold. The good thing is you can book the cruises in advance, which ensures that the itinerary is fixed. Take the route from Luang Prabang Laos to Chiang Khong, Thailand as a choice, or you can start Phnom Penh through Tonle Sap lake to Siem Reap or can opt to go from Pakse to Champasak. Most travelers swear by the magic of 7-day Mekong cruises – something you shouldn’t miss.

Go for a fruit-tasting session

Mekong Delta is also popular for tropical fruits. Cai Be Orchard is a popular name, while you can also take a visit to My Khanh Orchard. Please note there are specialties in every area, so don’t forget to experience and indulge in different options. A tour to these gardens also helps the local farmers, who have been trying hard to manage their lives.

Go for the floating markets

The Asian floating markets have been disappearing, but in Mekong Delta, you have the choice to see how the locals live here. All kinds of goods are available on sale, right from regular fruits and veggies to commodities from the nearby villages. Dried foods are also popular here, and you can try fresh juices, tea and coffee from one of the boats. The locals here are really friendly with tourists, and the food adventures can get better if you don’t mind trying the conventional items available at cheap prices.

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