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The Importance of Giving Your Puppy the Right Start

Giving your puppy the best possible start in life is no doubt a priority of yours, but how do you plan to do so? Training your puppy and providing it with plenty of social experiences is a great way to instil good behaviour in your dog from a young age.

However, dogs also need good food that delivers all the vitamins and minerals they need for the basis of a long, healthy and happy life. A good diet is therefore a must, so please take note of the following dietary tips for young puppies of all breeds.

Feeding Schedule

Puppies should start eating solid foods from about four months, with most completely weened by the time they reach six weeks of age. All puppies should eat three times a day to begin with, and by the time they reach the age of six months, it’s time to reduce that to twice a day.

This prevents them from overeating and expecting to be fed so regularly, which simply isn’t necessary for domesticated animals due to the lack of exercise. However, even if your puppy is extremely active, don’t feed it more than twice a day.

Premium puppy food is naturally the best choice because it contains better quality ingredients, has been formulated specifically for the dietary requirements of your puppy, plus most premium products don’t contain any harmful artificial colourings or preservatives either. This makes quality puppy food the best choice for your puppy.


It’s very important to ensure that your puppy gets the right foods for its development. The first year of a dog’s life is of particular importance because it is this time that sets the basis for a healthy and strong life, one characterised by energy and vitality.

Omega 3 fatty acids are therefore very important for development because DHA makes up 15 to 20 percent of the cerebral cortex and 30 to 60 percent of the retina.

As a result, it must be included in your puppy’s diet in the right amounts to ensure proper brain and eye development. What’s more, Omega 3 isn’t only important in a puppy’s diet, as it should also be included in all adult dogs’ diets as well.

Along with ensuring your puppy’s diet supports their brain and eye development, the inclusion of Omega 3 in their diet will also ensure high standards of joint and skin health, further keeping your puppy healthy and happy.

This is particularly important for large breed dogs who tend to be more prone to joint problems as they age, especially if they are overfed often and become overweight.

Giving your puppy the best possible start in life is easy when you know what its dietary requirements are and you have access to premium-quality puppy food products that young dogs can’t get enough of. Giving your puppy the best possible start in life also entails instilling good behaviour in it from a young age, so don’t overlook the benefits of training and plenty of social experiences.