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Ten Good Reasons to Own a Boat

Boating is a great hobby, and many people are the proud owners of vessels that they use to holiday, and who can blame them when you look at the advantages of a boating holiday.

  1. Boating improves your quality of life

There’s something about relaxing on board that relieves stress, and brings on a feeling of contentment and well-being. Recreational boating can take many forms, you might like to water ski, or perhaps a fishing trip, or just simply enjoying the sea breeze and the view.

  1. Boating is affordable

With oil prices at an all-time low, now is the perfect time to buy a boat. With no accommodation costs, your holiday budget will go much further, allowing you to be a little extravagant. If you are looking for ski boats in Melbourne, an online search will put you in touch with a reputable dealer, with a range of new and second-hand boats available.

  • Recreational boating is easy to learn

If you are new to boating, a few basic classes and you’ll be ready for your first voyage. Whether you want to learn how to sail, or just spend some time with your family, your local boat dealer will provide lessons for all types of boating, from beginner to advanced levels.

  • Boating is good exercise

A few hours on the waves is a good workout for anyone. Apart from being great fun, boating is a healthy activity, which is one of the reasons it is so popular today. The fresh sea air and the lively movement stimulate your circulation and promote well-being.

  • Boating is a social activity

Whether with friends or family, or both, a day on the ocean is a relaxing way to enjoy each other’s company. You may have a few friends who love to go fishing, or the family all like watersports, or you just like to sit and enjoy the panoramic view, while enjoying drinks and an appetiser.

  • Boating is a rewarding activity

There is a sense of achievement when the vessel is cutting through the water, and all is well. Teaching your children how to tie knots is a bonding experience, and many families make up the entire crew of their boat, with everyone having specific roles.

  • A choice of venues

Wherever you live, you are never far from a body of water, so there are choices. You may have your favourites, but it is nice to hitch up the trailer, and head off to other locations.

  • Boating is an investment

Your boat will hold its value and with regular maintenance, it will provide you with years of service. The resale value is high, so when you are ready for an upgrade, you will receive a good trade-in price.

  • Boating is fun

The enjoyment factor with boating ensures that people are hooked. Once you’ve experienced a bracing voyage around the cove, you will become a regular sailor.

  • Take up new sports

Owning a boat means you can learn to water ski, or scuba, or maybe you want to try your hand at game fishing. You can experience many watersports if you have a boat.