Taking your children on a sailing holiday

There is nothing more adventurous than taking your children on a sailing holiday around Greece especially in the summer. One of the best options to go for is to get a Yacht Charter Greece because it will give you various options that suit your family. The Catamaran Charter Greece gives you more space while providing comfort and speed. This particular yacht is designed to accommodate more people while also providing more rooms. It also offers more stability and so your children and others on board are less likely to suffer from seasickness. Despite having lots of space the catamaran still provides privacy because the rooms on deck are separated.


  • You get to live on a spacious yacht without having to spend tons of money.
  • You enjoy a more stable but fast yacht.
  • The catamaran can sail even in shallow waters, which means you can really explore the ocean.

When travelling with children it is important to plan out your route and take into consideration different activities that you could participate in as a family. You could plan out the journey as an adventure where you sail through different iconic sceneries. Involve the children in the decision-making process so that they are excited about the experience.

Things to note:

  • Make sure the children can swim and are comfortable with being in the open sea. You may need to deal with any fears they may have while also deal with seasickness.
  • Get the children involved in sailing the yacht as this creates more lasting memories and experiences.
  • Consider the weather for the time you plan to sail and stay updated on any changes in the weather. You do not want to traumatize your children by sailing through storms. This can ruin the sailing experience for them. There are many reputable weather forecast services available.
  • Le the travel agency know about your plans to sail with you family as they could offer valuable tips that could make your holiday that much more enjoyable.

Another important thing to consider is action to take in case of any emergency while sailing. You need to have the contact information of the coast guards in the country you wish to sail to and make sure that you stay in touch with them so that the authorities are aware of your travel routes. Emergencies can occur any time and so it is important for authorities or those in charge to know where you are so that rescue plans can be made quickly and promptly.


  • Plan out your route and consider sites that will keep your children entertained. The internet and your travel agent can provide a lot of useful information that will make planning out your trip easier and convenient.
  • Choose a Yacht Charter Greece or Catamaran Charter Greece that will suit the size of your family and also sail through your preferred route.
  • Take note of emergency contacts that can rescue you.