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Smart Home Products That Help You Save Energy

In recent years many different businesses have found ways to use technology to make homes and utility services more efficient in response to consumer demand. With energy costs steadily rising and climate change becoming a larger concern, people are looking for every possible way to save on electricity.

Sites like list companies who leverage new energy technologies, providing consumers with an easy way to compare electric providers online. Not only can people find the most affordable rate, they are also able to find providers that offer green energy plans. Other companies are helping consumers save money and energy by making everyday devices smarter.

Earlier this year Coldwell Banker released findings from a study they conducted on the top features that today’s homebuyer actually wants. Over two thirds of the real estate agents who responded stated that their clients wanted smart home features. These features are so popular that experts believe they will become commonplace within the next 3-7 years.

But which smart home devices are worth the investment? Whether you use them for enhanced security, entertainment or improved comfort, all the smart home features below have one thing in common – they help you reduce electricity use.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest has quickly become the most sought-after programmable thermostat on the market. Any programmable thermostat is better than none, but Nest is definitely a rung above the rest. It truly is a smart device that can learn what temperatures you like best. It will adjust the temperature based on your routine after one simple setup. Using sensors it can also detect when no one is home and bump the temperature up or down to save energy. Nest can even be controlled by your phone if you want to adjust things before you walk in the door. Owners can expect to save 10-15% on their heating and cooling costs after installing a Nest Learning Thermostat.


Up until this year the average refrigerator could do two things – cool and freeze. Now the ChillHub is changing all that. This refrigerator has built-in Wi-Fi and USB capabilities that allow you to see and control settings from anywhere. Because they are large and constantly run, refrigerators consume more electricity than almost any other appliance in the home. Being able to have control anytime from anywhere will help you keep your refrigerator running as efficiently as possible. What’s even more exciting is that ChillHub’s creator FirstBuild is using an open platform that will enable developers to come up with many more compatible products. The first product, Milky Weigh, can alert you when your milk is running low. Other ideas for future accessories include a butter softener, deodorizers and temperature modules for even better efficiency.

Phillips Hue

The Phillips Hue light bulb is way beyond what Thomas Edison ever imagined. You have all around control and can replicate countless lighting options with this one super efficient bulb. There’s also a light strip that can be stretched and bent for lighting exactly where you need it. All of the Hue products can be programmed and controlled via an app so lights never get left on when no one is around. It also works with Apple Homekit, revolutionary technology that brings all of your smart devices together in one place for easier management and greater possibilities.

Sengled Pulse Smart Bulb

What’s so great about this bulb is that it acts as two devices in one using hardly any power. The Sengled Pulse Smart Bulb is an LED light, and it has a built in JBL Bluetooth speaker. Once the bulb is screwed in you can download the app to control the lighting and stream music. The lights can also be dimmed for even better efficiency.

Serena Shades

Lutron is quickly becoming a frontrunner in automated, efficient lighting options, and their Serena Shades add another level of control and comfort. Both styles of their shades have hidden battery packs that control the motorized movement. A remote or app-enable phone can be used to make all your shades to go up or down with the click of a button. You can also program the movement based on the time of day. By doing so you can help increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by either blocking the heat of the sun or letting it in. This product also works with Apple Homekit.

If you’re not sure where you can save the most with smart features a home energy audit can shed some light on the situation. No matter what, these smart home features make life more convenient and will eventually pay for themselves thanks to all of the energy that they save.