Sistine Chapel Tour – A Must-Visit Place Offering A Lifetime Experience

Visiting the Sistine Chapel c is the true highlight of your vacation. Of course, it is great only if you are able to beat the crowds. The Sistine Chapel tour is the ultimate result of constant refinement and development for 7 years. It presents now the opportunity of a fine itinerary to people coming to Rome. In fact, the best is to consider skip the line Vatican tickets so that your valuable time does not get wasted in the queue.


These are splendid museums taking an hour prior to the general public entry and you also get to enjoy the feel and experience peace of the chapel. On the way, you can also use this chance to peek into some of the famous rooms such as the Raphael Rooms, the Gallery of Tapestries, and the Gallery of the Maps.

The guide accompanying a small group taking guests to Sistine Chapel Tour is a well-trained expert. They are aware to read the type of crowd and their main aim is take you visiting the Chapel at the peaceful hour and this mostly before the opening at 9 am when other public also get and entry. During the high season peak months and of course this also includes a few days over Easter, you will find always some groups inside the Chapel anytime you plan to visit, but there is nothing to worry as you get enough space than other time in the whole day.

Consider your time and enjoy these most iconic art works on the earth. This will be for around 15 or 20 serene minutes of visiting and seeing the Sistine Chapel, and the tour with the guide will embark on the Vatican Museums tour as a full-guided tour and go visiting St. Peter’s Basilica tour.

The Vatican Museums collection

Visiting the Vatican Museums may be a daunting experience, but the guides are experts that they make the tour interesting and serve as a perfect travel companion. They show the highlight of the collection and assure to make your visit memorable with entertaining details and witty anecdotes bringing world-famous works in front of you love. Taking small groups of 14 people or even fewer and personal headsets ensures you hear your guide and stay engaged with stories. You can ask questions you think and of course this does not end here and the next is to visit the largest Basilica in the world.

Skip lines

Right from the Vatican Museums, there is an access that is special to enter St. Peters Basilica. It means you can skip the line of general access and enjoy the tour of St. Peters Basilica that also comprises of Michelangelo’s moving ‘Pietà’, Bernini’s monumental altar canopy, and the titanic dome.

Most people visit just the Vatican once in their lifetime. However, taking the Sistine Chapel Tour assures you have a real lifetime experience. When there is high demand, the general opening is given additional time slot to enter by starting early by 30 minutes.