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Selecting the Correct Color for Tablecloth and Table Runner for Wedding Decoration

In case, you have been preparing for a wedding party or some special event, you have to go through various details. Various details might go into making an event a successful one. You would like to be organized. You would like to prepare a checklist of various things that have to be done. After you have taken care of the wedding cake, make up, hair and the wedding gown, you would like to keep your focus on the theme or color of the wedding or the table runners. You want to have an occasion to become a memorable event. The color of the tablecloth and the table runner you would be choosing would add significantly to the overall ambiance of the wedding décor.

Color for tablecloth and table runner

The most common color for wedding tablecloth has been ivory or white. However, purple table runner has also become popular in the present times. You could also make use of black tablecloth, which is highly popular in weddings. You may have a wedding theme in your mind. You should choose the color of the tablecloth and the table runner matching to the theme of the wedding. Gold table runners have become widely popular in wedding decorations. However, a good idea would be to check the wedding or party hall to ensure the chosen color matches the surroundings perfectly. You might have chosen beautiful lavender colored tablecloth, but if the wallpaper on the interior of the party hall encompasses pink color on it, the tablecloth would not compliment the hall. In case, you like bold and strong colors, you should consider using table runner or napkins in the color as you like, but should use ivory or white tablecloth.

Lighting of the hall

The lighting of the hall is imperative to be considered when choosing the correct color for the tablecloth and table runners for wedding. The lighting would make a major difference as to which color tablecloth you choose for the wedding. You would be required to consider whether the event is indoors or outdoors. In addition, whether you have been planning a dark or romantic setting or the hall has dim lighting. In such an event, a gold or glittery tablecloth would create an amazing effect to the party. It would be a good idea to carry a color swatch into the hall for assuring the chosen color would be suitable for the occasion.