Read these Tips to Make your Dream Safari a Reality

Perhaps you have been planning to go on a Kruger Park safari. But you want to ensure you can maximize your chances of seeing the continent’s greatest wildlife. Here are some tips that you can think about before setting your feet into the African wildlife world.

Ensure your Timing is Right

It is imperative for travellers to stay for at least 3 nights to be sure they can witness a river crossing. Travellers who will stay in the Northern Serengeti should go there between July and November. Those who choose to stay at Masai Mara must be there sometime between August and October.

Ensure your Timing is Right

Choose a Waterfront Location

A waterfront property is expected t be gold. You need to stay closer to the river since camps tend to have the advantage of the distant properties. The Tazmanian side will also be less crowded. Currently, there are 4 permanent amps up in this area, along with some mobile camps. Some of these camps have a private position that is directly on the river banks allowing you to witness a possible crossing from the balcony of your tent. Additionally, the camps normally try to take guests to some lodges to increase the possibility of see a crossing.

While the migration depends on the weather, it follows some general patterns. The biggest crossings are expected to take place on the Mara River’s first migration arrival or on departure. Zebra and wildebeest are more concentrated at times on the Tanzanian and Kenya side depending on the weather.

Waterfront Location

Bring Patience and Binoculars

Every safari goer should bring along a camera, binoculars, plenty of patience and sundowners.  You can expect the waiting game to be a crap shoot since animals tend to be unpredictable. However, at least you have some company. Although twenty years ago, safari vehicles were not many and far between, there is an increasing number of mobile safari camps and luxury lodges as well as radio communication among guides. This means that vehicles are often gathered for a river cross waiting.

Every safari goer

Hire a Guide

Hiring an excellent safari guide is important to increase your chances of seeing a river crossing and improve your overall experience in African by helping you see prime locations.  The number of safari vehicles and the noise they give can add to the anxiety of animals and of course your own. A great guide is expected to have knowledge of jockeying for a great position and keeping the atmosphere energetic but not intrusive to the wildlife.

excellent safari

Be a Responsible Drinker

Travelling on a safari with a group of friends is helpful in passing the time. However, try to pace yourself with the sundowners. If you drive away for a bathroom break, this could result in losing a vantage point or missing a crossing.

Travelling on a safari

Ensure the Children’s Entertainment

You are probably wondering if the possible violence and chaos are likely to be too much for kids. But experts say that while the sensitivities of children must be considered, this can be a great learning experience for them, especially if you hire the right guide. A family-oriented guide should be able to keep children entertained and teach them about the environment, wildlife and local culture.

Ensure the Children’s Entertainment

Author Bio:- Kurt Schultz completed a degree in tourism and travel. He has written a number of articles in s some travel magazines and websites. He talks a lot about his own Kruger Park safari in some of his blogs.