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Plan A Trip To Europe This Halloween

Europe has been one of the most mystical places on the planet. The entire continent has been a witness to a rich history, diverse cultures and a vibrant atmosphere and Halloween in Europe is no different. From haunted houses, hotels, cemeteries, catacombs, bone chapels, scary castles to witch festivals and theme parks, Europe offers it all. Halloween is the best time to plan a trip to Europe for a more spine chilling and spooky Halloween experience. From massive non-stop parties in Prague to traditional festivals in France, here is a list of some of the best destinations in Europe one must visit during Halloween.

  • Transylvania – Transylvania in Romania has had a long connection with Dracula and Vampires. Transylvania was said to be the home of the infamous, Vlad the Impaler. Vlad was said to be a cruel ruler and is said to have enjoyed torturing people. Vlad the Impaler later became the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s famous book ‘Dracula’ and the nearby Bran Castle became Dracula’s Castle. Transylvania hosts numerous festivals and tours, including the tour of the Castle during the Halloween season.

  1. England – England is the perfect destination to give you the Halloween thrills and chills. Halloween themed pubs and clubs, numerous parties, attractions and events attract domestic and international tourists alike. One can spend the Halloween night in the glamorous British capital of London. With its bloody past, obscure dungeons, ancient buildings, chilling backstreets, and infamous memories of Jack The Ripper, London offers a spine chilling Halloween experience. The city if York is known to host ghost walks, haunted castle tours, festivals at York Maze, Jack-O-Lanterns as well as the scary decorations turn the city into an eerie frightening place. Few more Halloween destinations for spooky getaways are here.

  1. France – France is home to numerous cities that host the festival of Halloween with a complete pomp and show. Limoges is one such city comes to life with a plethora of events, including street shows, themed fairs, costume parades, storytelling festivals, and colourful parties during the Halloween season. Limoges is considered to be one of the best cities in France to spend Halloween. A major Halloween attraction in France is the Fete des Sorcieres or the Witch Festival. The Disneyland in Paris throws one of the best Halloween themed festivals during this time.

  • Prague – Prague is a Gothic city in Europe with some magnificent architecture, medieval structures and a dark past. Prague is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. The city has been associated with witchcraft and black magic since the medieval times and the mysterious allure of the city just adds to the scary ambience it creates. The Halloween attractions in Prague include attractions like Old Jewish Cemetery, the Torture Museum, Sedlec Ossuary, Charles Bridge and the Old Town which has been the setting of many legends and ghost stories.
  • Edinburgh – The origins of Halloween have been traced back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, whose celebrations are still preserved today in Scotland and Ireland. Halloween in Edinburgh is much more than scary costumes, pranks and trick-or-treats. The mystical ambience created by the rich traditions, unsolved mysteries, creepy vaults, and high paranormal activity reported overtime at various venues, especially the Mary King’s Close Castle are sure to give you nightmares for the nights to come.

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  • Dublin – Just like Edinburgh, Dublin also preserves the traditions of the ancient Celtic festivals of Samhain. However, while preserving the ancient traditions, Dublin does not forget to celebrate in a flamboyant way. The arrival of Halloween month gives way for the huge parades, carnivals, traditions, and many other captivating events that make Dublin one of the best destinations in Europe to Visit during Halloween.