Parkingzones And Guidance Systems

With the growing traffic and number of vehicles, traffic jams have become a major concern in most of the major cities of the world. This dramatically affects people’s physical and mental health. Searching for a parking space is a tedious activity for those who drive daily. There have been efforts from government and locals to deter parking problems. A well planned parking solution, implemented successfully can also help reduce traffic and save gallons of fuel. A recent introduction of Parking Guidance Systems has been a breakthrough in reduction and management of parking problems in various cities.  The parking guidance systemscan clearly help in increasing the efficiency of parking zones and deter the parking difficultiesfaced at Parking Zones.

Some Parking Zoneshave employed parking guidance systems to help motorists andallowing parking zones to function at a better parking utilizationrate. Particularly during the peak times the smart guidance makes the utilization easier, increasing the level of occupancy. The parking zones that do not work on guidance systems can never been fully occupied.  Since most of the parking zones get filled up earlier during the day, an improved utilizationmakes better space availability for the cars that come for parking during rest of the day. Parking guidance system is an emerging industry that helps cope with the parking problems. Many cities and organizations have already adopted this fair system of parking. Recently, the airports, corporates, mass transit companies, campuses etc. have also turned to this technology. Companies like The ParkingZone has been providing products, solutions and guidance systems for Parking and Traffic Enforcement needs since 1987 in Vancouver.

Smart Parking Guidance is done with the sensing devices that find out the occupancy at the space levels. A lot of the sensing devices use cameras and counting apparatus at the entrances.  The smart parking systems can also sense the level and rate of occupancy and send it to the mobile and web applications. Smart guidance parking is powerful only if the algorithms and applications they use are accurate and can provide a real time benefit to the motorist. A more effective smart guidance system can also club the historical data to the present one and in an actionable way, supporting optimal use of parking zone.  A guidance system can extend the life of your current parking infrastructure. There will be an increased revenue, accessibility and utilization of the real estate assets. Since there will be a better communication of the parking locations, there will be an improved motorist experience.  There will be a proper communication to the car user about the location and policies of parking. A mobile payments technique introduced to the smart guidance system further improves the consumer experience and there will be no requirement of changing meters as is required in the conventional parking systems.