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Online Dating – The Healthiest Cure for Loneliness

There has been no same story of those couples who met at online dating sites. Hundreds of people meet over the internet, either to fall in love or reach a dead-end. Plenty of incidences have scarred the goodwill of internet dating because few people revealed too much information or fall into trouble. However, its popularity remains unscathed and the number of people looking for compatible partners keeps growing.

Online dating has filled people with hope and increased their probability of meeting someone special. A person, who spends few hours online every day, looking for a prospective romantic partner, is bound to have a colorful life even if he/she hasn’t been successful in getting a soul mate. There are plenty of positives that this has on lonely hearts –

  • Those who have been through bad relationships and heartbreak are more open towards online dating. It doesn’t demand much emotional availability, at least in the beginning.
  • People who don’t have the luxury to go out on lavish dates enjoy conversations online.
  • Voice chats and video options make online lovers even closer. They feel as if they are at the same place and can read other’s reactions clearly.
  • Single parents can log on to special sites that are meant to connect people like them together. Their life is more challenging than others and they find solace with those with similar life incidences.

  • People are matched by common interests so they get a partner to discuss their days, jobs, hobbies, passions, achievements and other positive things. They form good friendships with one another if not a committed relationships.
  • There’s nothing bad in looking for sexual gratification after a connection is formed, i.e., if one can find a partner who has the same needs as them. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, it is good if physical loneliness is negated.

Having shared all of these insights, nothing justifies being desperate for a loneliness cure. If someone is uninterested- let them be. As it is, there are plenty of wonderful people out there waiting to be “swiped”, “added” and “poked”. Try to be natural and positive in the process. Don’t ramble on about how you have been wronged in the past. Keep the interests flowing and make the other person feel happy whenever they talk to you. The girlfriend activation light blinks on and off- but happiness should be constant.

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