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New Year, New Home — Your Best Makeover for 2016

When you are making your resolutions for a better you this year, don’t forget about your house! A more beautiful home will help you to feel like you are living your best life. Plus, with the right improvements, you’ll increase the value of your home to grow your net worth.

Start with the improvements that will make the biggest impact to your home. Here are a few things you should do to give your home a makeover this year:

Install Vinyl Windows

Investing in vinyl windows in Toronto will make your home more energy efficient so that you save money on heating and cooling costs and do your part for the environment. That will tie in with your resolutions to save more money this year as well as to do something important. You won’t even have to volunteer to feel like you are making a difference.

With the right Mississauga vinyl windows, you can also improve the look of your home. Get rid of those rusty, dingy old windows and replace them with stylish, new vinyl windows. You can choose windows in just about any shape or style that you like. You can make your home look more modern and more inviting simply by replacing the windows.

Upgrade the Floors

Having beautiful floors can make the whole room seem more inviting. If you still have dingy old carpet, replace it with beautiful hardwood floors. The floors will add warmth to the room, and they will be much easier to clean than carpets. Hardwood floors don’t trap dirt and odors. You just sweep them and give them a light dust mop to keep them clean and looking great.

If you still have cheap-looking laminate, replace it with tile floors. These floors can withstand water damage, staining and scratching, and they also just need to be swept and mopped to be maintained. Tile also has a luxurious look that will make any room look more sophisticated.

Spruce Up the Landscaping

Great landscaping can make your home look worthy of the front page of a magazine. Spend some time and money on making your lawn look more green and lush, and then plant some beautiful flowers and shrubs around the perimeter of your home, along the walkways, and in strategically located beds.

Work with a professional landscape designer to get the best results. A landscape designer can create a plan to help you understand what the yard will look like with the changes, and the designer can recommend the right grasses and plants that will thrive in your soil and in the local climate.

The right landscaping can also better manage storm water runoff and can make your home more energy efficient by shading it during the summer. You can even plant your own fresh produce in a small garden.

Give your home a makeover this year so that it gives you what you need and reflects the version of yourself that you want to show the world. Try these updates to give it its best look yet.