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Mythical Creatures Which Are Totally Fascinating: A Basic List

Unicorns, werewolves, fairies and vampires – they populate our stories and our art. They’ve been present for centuries and more. Here are some of the world’s most intriguing mythical creatures explained, enjoying worldwide popularity:

The Basilisk

Originally the king of serpents, the Basilisk is a poisonous reptile which can scorch the land as it passes. It can stand in an upright position, too. Its stare is lethal; it can kill a man in one second just by looking at him. The Basilisk isn’t necessarily big, although it may be described so.

The Elf

Whether they are seen as tiny sprites hidden among trees and flowers or behind rocks, or perhaps having their tiny dwellings inside a human home, or embodied as slender and handsome immortals, elves got a grip of our imagination and are not letting go. They are wise and beautiful beyond words, superior to humans in all ways. Besides, elves are great at magic, but also in battle. The Middle-earth version of the race is considered to be authentic, much in the line of the Norse myths, whence the elf concept originated.

The Griffin

The griffin is a winged monster which actually tends to be quite beautiful and majestic. It has the body of a lion, with claws and a hawk beak, as well as a tail. It’s impressive that you can see these feathered hybrid creatures even on medieval gothic cathedrals. No wonder we stare as we see them in computer games.

The Vampire

Without a doubt, vampires are among the most popular mythical creatures. This sort of undead, immortal humans suck the blood and the vital force with it. They can be killed only in very specific ways. Moreover, they’ve got a pronounced romantic or erotic side and can be incredibly seductive. This is an image that is everlasting and it keeps on being featured in far too many productions.

The Black Dog

It’s hard to tell where this ghostly creature came from, but it’s a constant encounter in the British lore. It appears at night and is often taken for a hellhound. His glowing eyes are red and it may appear in placed with a dark past. It’s a frightening and fierce presence across mythologies, novels and all kinds of stories.

The Gorgon (Medusa)

Women with long, curly, flowing locks are definitely seductive. What if these locks are actually snakes, though? You would hear them hissing as a morbid threat but the actual danger lies in the gorgon’s eyes. Their gaze is deadly. In fact, it turns the onlooker to stone.

The Dragon

Perhaps the most popular of all time, dragons are mythical winged beings that fly and breathe fire and have a tremendous destructive power. They can simply get anywhere and destroy anything (J.R.R. Tolkien’s Ancalagon destroyed a couple of mountains as he fell dead from the sky). Their popularity is also to be seen through their many, many depictions. Thus, you get dragons with their corresponding elements like fire, water, air, earth, light, dark etc.

The list goes on but the mentioned creatures are already enough to fire the imagination. Time to re-watch your favorite fantasy movie or series and get spooked out – or mesmerized.