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Malaga Airport Guide

Set at a short distance from the Costa del Sol, the Malaga Airport is one of Spain’s most busy airports. It’s located just 5 miles southwest of Malaga and 3 miles from the well-known resort Torremolinos.

More than 60 countries serve flights to and from Malaga, which is why the Costa del Sol airport is a gateway for tourism in Malaga.

Connecting Malaga to the Word

Spain is most popular during spring, when tourists come from all over the world, pouring into the terminals. People come from various countries in Europe, but there are also flights that connect to the Middle East, North America and Africa. That is mostly because, undoubtedly, Spain is the 4th most popular destination for a holiday in the world.

You can also find budget airlines at this airport since many international airlines use their location as a base.

A Tourist-Friendly Airport

All departing and arriving passengers have access to 3 terminal buildings with a set of complete facilities at their disposal.  While the 1st and 2nd terminals are undergoing constructions, you will still receive the best care a tourist can get.

Passengers are encouraged to ask questions regarding their travels through their Twitter chat of Facebook page, allowing a full access to information, whatever you may need.

The Malaga Airport is equipped with various taxi services if you want to leave the place. You can take a Malaga airport taxi which can drop you off anywhere you may want, regardless if the ride is long or short. Take advantage of the cheap fares some of the services provide, and let the driver take you to your destination.  Plus, you can look good while being picked up, since you can choose the type of vehicle that picks you up.

Terminal Facilities

If you have to wait around the airport for a flight, the Malaga airport can provide you with facilities that will keep you comfortable. First of all, if you want to solve any money issues, you have available a bureaux de change and various ATMs set in the 2nd and 3rd terminal. After that, you can go hit the cafes, bars, restaurants, and fast foods in the 2nd and 3rd terminal. There’s a great variety of them, as there are various shopping centers. You’ll never be bored there.

Fly in, enjoy your stay and then leave happy. Whether you leave by airplane or a Malaga airport taxi, the Malaga airport will always be there to make things easy for you.

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