LED Or Normal Lights – Which One Is A Better Choice?

LEDs are quickly becoming very popular in every aspect where lights are used. Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are the latest technology in the world of lights and it encompasses certain benefits that have pushed it as one of the most favored lighting options in commercial as well as household purposes. LEDs also have their cons, but if you compare their features with the normal lights you can easily understand that LEDs make a much wise choice. Read on to know about the pros and cons of LEDs and the normal lights.

Normal lights – Pros and Cons

Normal lights are cheap and they are widely available. These lights have been in use for decades and with the application of new technology, the newer varieties are also able to produce sufficient light. As these lights are cheap, hence for temporary applications these lights certainly make the first choice. These lights are also a preferred choice at places where risk of damage or theft is high, because due to their minimum price they can be easily replaced and are hardly a product to attract thieves. On the other hand, these lights consume a lot of electricity to produce minimum light and as they are damaged easily, they often need to be replaced within minimum time.

LED lights – Pros and Cons

LED lights use latest technology for producing light. These bulbs do not convert the electricity to heat and hence they consume minimum power to produce maximum light. The LEDs are known for their bright white light which can serve the purpose of lighting any area efficiently. In addition to that, LEDs are now available in every color and different forms that can suit effectively into the different types of needs. LEDs are proof from shock and temperature changes. They also produce minimum heat and hence they are able to provide uninterrupted service for long, reducing the carbon foot-print. LEDs do not expel any harmful gas in the environment and does not use any type of harmful elements, such as mercury; hence it is a perfect green solution.

The negative side of the LED lights is that, these lights are much more expensive than the normal ones and they often do not make the first choice for temporary applications as well as for places where the chance of theft or damage is high. In addition to that, unless you are buying ecco led or LED from a similar brand, you might not actually get the best longevity of the light.