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Key Pieces of Maternity Wear You Need for Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with a lot of ups and downs, and shopping for a new wardrobe can be seen as both. If you’re the type who likes to get new clothes, you may see the shopping as a fun perk. But if you’re the type who hates shopping or if you’re attached to the wardrobe you already have, you may hate the idea of having to buy anything new.

If you’re in the latter camp, you can focus on getting a few key pieces that you can easily mix and match to make multiple outfits. If you’re in the former camp, you can start with these essentials and build your wardrobe from there:

Maternity Dresses

A good maternity dress is a must have to make it through your pregnancy. Maternity dresses are usually made of a stretchy knit material that easily grows with your body and ensures your comfort. Dresses also allow you to move a little easier. There are no waist bands pinching you or seam lines digging into your pelvis.

Dresses are a great choice for the summer since they are breezy and cool. But you can also wear the same dresses when it gets colder just by adding a long-sleeved shirt under them or a sweater over them.

Maternity Jeans

Jeans are a staple of any woman’s wardrobe. But jeans will be the first thing you grow out of as your belly starts expanding. Even a bit of bloating in the early stages can make your jeans feel tight and uncomfortable.

Invest in a few pairs of maternity jeans to make sure you feel stylish and comfortable. The jeans have an elastic panel that will fit comfortably over your growing belly. The rest of the jeans will look just like a non-maternity pair. You can wear any shirt you like with the jeans, dressing them up or dressing them down.


A good pair of leggings is just as important as a good pair of jeans. You can wear an oversized shirt, sweater or dress with the leggings and be ready for work or casual activities.

Buy leggings that have a flexible waistband so that they don’t dig into your growing belly. The stretchy fabric will grow with you throughout your pregnancy, ensuring that you are comfortable the whole time. You can likely even wear the leggings after the pregnancy is over. Plus, leggings come in every color of the rainbow, so you can wear them with any outfit.

Of course, you don’t have to stop there. An entire world of maternity wear is available, waiting to help you look just as fabulous while you’re pregnant as you were before you were pregnant. Don’t get hung up on the idea that you will only have the clothes for a short time. Your comfort and confidence are worth the expense. Plus, you can often continue wearing some maternity clothing after you have had your baby. They make for comfortable clothes while you are recovering and nursing!