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Industrial Strength Tools You Need to Keep Your Floors Clean

Floors can be the hardest thing to clean. Even regular foot traffic in a house can cause serious carpet stains or scratches in the hardwood floors. If you have a business, the foot traffic from your clients and employees can cause even more staining and damage.

Stains, scratches and other damage affect more than the aesthetics of your home or business. The damage can trap odors and weaken the surface, costing you a lot of money in repairs. Some damage can even be a tripping hazard, which can weaken your reputation among customers and cost you even more money.

Regular maintenance is essential to protecting your floors. Here are a few industrial strength tools you need to keep your floors clean and in their best condition:

Carpet Extractors

Carpet may feel great on your feet, but the same fibers that create the plush surface also trap dirt and odors. Regular vacuuming can keep dirt to a minimum, but it will never fully remove dirt from the fibers. The thicker the carpet, the more difficult it will be to keep it clean.

You need to deep clean the carpets from time to time to give them a thorough clean and get out any built-up dirt and ground-in odors. Carpet extractors are much more powerful than typical carpet cleaners. They have high-powered jets and scrubbers that work together with a vacuum to shake dirt loose and suck it out of the fibers. Most do the work for you — all you have to do it hold on to the handle and steer it.

Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbers can clean even industrial spaces quickly and efficiently. These high-powered machines have scrubbers that cut through caked on debris and oil, helping you to protect your concrete and tile floors from damage over time.
Tennant scrubbers are among the best-known brand in the industry. Look into Tennant’s offerings to find a machine that has the features and the power to meet your needs.

Floor Burners

Restore the look of your floors by creating a smooth surface and adding a glossy sheen with a floor burner. These machines have orbital scrubbers and have features like dust control and noise dampeners. You can use them for cleaning up after a day’s production run, or you can use them to shine up some floors that have become stained and dull over time. You’ll create a safer area while also creating a more pleasant area for workers and clients.

The right tools are essential for getting the right results. These are just a few of the high-powered tools you can use to get your floors clean and to protect them against further damage. Many more options are available, including floor buffers and sanders. The right tools will depend upon what type of debris you get in your place of business and what goals you have — creating a clean working area or creating an attractive area for customers, for example.