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Four Things to Consider When Buying a Suitcase

Need help in picking the right suitcase? Our luggage reviews that feature big brands disclose all.

Number of wheels

Manufactures make suitcases that have two or four wheels. Usually, four-wheeled cases are referred to as spinner suitcases and often come with four small wheels. Cases that have two wheels are usually referred to as upright suitcases and have bigger wheels. The wheels’ size can vary by cases. Although the best suitcases can deal with being pulled along various kinds of ground, four-wheeled spinner suitcases are often easier to maneuver over smooth floors like those at the airport. Cases with two wheels that have bigger wheels are typically easier to pull across rougher grounds.

Suitcase Size

When you are flying to your destination, know that airlines impose baggage restrictions on hold luggage’s size. You have to consider this factor as you pick and pack your suitcase.


Bigger suitcases can be great for families; however, make sure you check the luggage restrictions of your airline before traveling to avoid excess luggage charges. Suitcases that have expandable compartments are great for travelers who tend to switch between winter and summer holidays if you take varying amount of baggage.

Trolley Handle

Trolley handles can be fixed or adjustable height. Picking a suitcase that has an adjustable handle allows you to set the handle to a height which best suits you. Trolley handles vary between suitcases. The majority of them are plastic; however, some are ergonomically-shaped or padded for increased pulling comfort.

When not in use, a lot of handles will retract into the suitcase. If buying luggage, you have to  open the suitcase so that you will determine how much internal space its handle takes up and whether this impacts the space of the usable packaging.

Trying Before Buying

Go to the high street t try out a number of the best suitcases first-hand. Trolley handle grips and heights will vary so pick one which suits your body frame. Know how easy it is for you to lift the suitcase if you use both side and top handles. When the suitcase is going in the car boot, consider size, particularly if you will travel with more than one case.

When reading lightweight carry on luggage reviews consider checking a combination of two- and four-wheeled suitcases. In general, four-wheeled cases can be pulled easier on smooth floors while two-wheeled suitcases are easier to pull on rougher ground.

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