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Check out the hottest tourist spots in the US by state

The United States seems to be much bigger than an entire world. In fact, the union of 50 states is like the whole universe wherein you come across various planets with individual entities. A wide range of Opportunities, paradoxes, superlatives and diversities are all that define this land of positive energy. It shows a close resemblance to the Lewis and Clark expedition when you move from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast while crisscrossing the whole nation.

All you can expect is the mystery of the unknown as you step into a realm that you haven’t known before. It simply astonishes you as you stand witness to the differences in states like Florida, Texas, New York, Minnesota, Washington and California, be it in terms of geography or cultural values. A paradise in itself, America depicts sharp contrast between the gorgeous Western coast and the hugely populated Eastern Coast.

Check out few of the most popular tourist places in the US going by its geographical divide:

Attractions of the Eastern States

Our eastern states will show you through a long list of tourist attractions like the Savannah Historic District, Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, The Statue of Liberty and the Kennedy Space Center. Then you also have other tourist hotspots like that of the South Beach, Magic Kingdom World, Niagara Falls, Liberty Bell, Central Park, Georgia Aquarium, Space Center Houston, Magic Kingdom Park and other attractions of the eastern states. You may plan your trip to the most visit national park within the United States called the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or enjoy a few winter activities within the Mammoth Cave National Park, which is the largest cave system in the world. Likewise, your loved ones could wish to pay a visit to the Acadia National Park for sight-seeing or opt for hiking. You even have the option of checking out the Everglades, Appalachians, and the Catskills.

Attractions of the Central States

Among the major points of tourist interest in the Midwestern or central states lie the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Yellowstone National Park, the Navy River, and Mount Rushmore National Monument. In addition, you’ll find the Civil Wars battlegrounds and the Great Lakes worth checking out. Numerous tourist attractions are scattered within the American heartland stretching from the Louisiana bayous up to the Mississippi’s big bends. The central coastline seems endless and soothing to your eyes.

Attractions of the Western States

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the US include the Redwood Parks, the Grand Canyon National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Yosemite National Park and The Olympic National Park. The western states also take you on a visit to the major tourist places like the Balboa Park, Las Vegas Strip, Pike Place Market, Griffith Observatory, Henry Dourly Aquarium, Malibu Beach, Mojave Desert, Sunset Boulevard, Lake Tahoe, Getty Center, Valley of Fire State Park, Santa Monica Pier, Mount Whitney, Fisherman’s Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge.

As move down the North, you come across the great Alaska Highway that stretches from the British Columbia up to Yukon. The land of northern nights and giant bears, Alaska has its own share of attractions for visitors like the Kenai Fjords and Denali National Park.

 On the whole, you seem to have a never-ending list of tourist must-sees on your first visit to America. You’ll certainly need to find some good hotels in the US that offer quality services all the year round.