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Benefits of Whale Watching

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries on this planet. A large part of the country is regarded as a nature reserve, and even though you may end up encountering certain harmful plants animals, you are more likely to meet other friendly creatures, such as the Quokka or Koala. Australia’s beauty can even be found and enjoyed offshore. If you are travelling to Australia, you should definitely sign up for a whale watching tour and enjoy these beautiful animals just off the coast. Each year, whales migrate from the Antarctic waters when the summer months come to an end, and move to the Queensland region in order to calf and breed. The northern migration takes them just past Merimbula and Sydney, thus making these the perfect spots for people who are into whale watching. Whale watching is an activity that can be enjoyed year-round, since the whales return back to the Antarctic waters from August to November.

Going whale watching has a lot of benefits, and has quickly become a booming business in Australia. Many family-owned businesses now operate cruises that take tourists out on the ocean, where you can observe whales up close, although there are certain regulations that you need to keep in mind, such as the fact that you can’t interrupt the whales in any way. Before embarking on the cruise, the tour guide will provide details of what you can and cannot do. Whale watching in Sydney has become a very popular hobby for tourists and people who want to see marine life in all its natural glory. Moreover, whale watching also provides a lot of benefits. Here are just some of the few:

Education and Knowledge

Local guides are properly trained and educated on the different types of whales, their migrating patterns and other relevant information. They disseminate this knowledge on their tours and trips, thus expanding scientific and local knowledge considerably. This is one of the biggest benefits of whale watching. When tourists take their children on whale watching cruises, children (and the adults!) are able to develop strong interests in marine life and even in marine life preservation. These tours are not only highly interesting, but they provide an engaging outlet for people who want to learn more.

Data Collection and Research

Many whale-watching businesses have data collection tools on board that allow them to track the movements of whales and get a better idea of how whales communicate with each other. Data collection tools make it easy for scientific institutions to get a better understanding of these fascinating creates, including new insights into their breeding and migration patterns.

Local Industry Support

Thanks to the popularity of whale watching over the past few years, many locally owned businesses have sprouted up in the past. You can now easily book a whale watching cruise entirely online. The local industry has been booming in the past few years, and it is only expected to grow. Whale watching has become an interesting hobby for many tourists. The duration of an average whale watching cruise is anywhere between 2-4 hours, allowing you plenty of time to take pictures and enjoy your time in the open ocean while watching humpback whales traveling all around you!