Baby Makes Three

When you first met you enjoyed the shared interests and your history of how you enjoyed this film or that. Then, you found out you used to live close to one another as kids. As you continue with the relationship, you find out that you both love curry and hate liver. You discover that you enjoy skiing and before you know it, you’re taking vows to make this your thing forever more. Your mutual friends have slowly faded into the background and you’re out buying jewellery and looking for a house.

Then, as sudden as an avalanche, it hits. You’re not sleeping all night, you’re having weird cravings in the middle of the night. A small dictator full of poo and demands is ruling your life. Where’s the passion for skiing gone? Where have all those movies you enjoyed gone? This little dictator is very demanding.

As new parents, you’re finding that you have little time for yourselves. The only time you leave the house is for more diapers or milk. Let’s get you back into your game. It’s not as difficult as you may think at the moment.

Prepare Ahead

Your new little dictator has a rhythm, you just have to find it. From a special blanket to a singing cow you’re sure to find out what he or she will fall asleep to if you keep at it. There’s always something that will calm baby like nothing else. Once you find out what it is, you’re on your way to enjoying this little dictator. From travel cots to high chairs and baby monitors to specialised toys, we at clarians chalets have got it.


No matter how you think things are going to go, you’re going to find that you have to lower your expectations. Things rarely go as planned. Don’t even try to duplicate your pre-dicator days. Instead, you’re going to learn a new norm. Take from your babysitting memories, take from your older siblings situations. A new baby changes things and you’re going to have to learn to create new memories and traditions. You’ll learn to look at life differently now. You’ll see beauty and fun in something as simple as baby trying his or her first taste of snow. Touching the green grass or simply staring at the ceiling fan.

It’s All In Location

When baby arrives, you’ll have to recognise that even your old locations are new. You’ll be navigating them with baby in tow. Don’t stress about leaving your past behind, you’re creating a new life that includes baby. It’s going to get easier with time.


Holiday’s will take on new meaning with baby in tow. You’ll find that by embracing the change you’re allowing new and fun memories in. Once your little dictator manages his or her feet, you’ll find even more out of life. You’ll have an instant “helper” to assist you in all that you do. Now you can take them along to the slopes (after a few easy lessons of course).


After the little dictators are tucked snug in their beds, you can sit back and enjoy your hard earned glass of wine. It may not be at the bar anymore, but just tip toe in and watch your little dictator fast asleep and it will all be worth it. Besides, you won’t have to wait for your drink to be served, you can simply pour it yourself. You’ll also find that you are saving a lot of money, wine at the bar is charged by the glass and you’re paying for it by the bottle at home (and some of those bottles are only a few Euros more than one glass of wine at the bar).

Your life as a family has begun. It’s something to treasure and build upon. You’re not losing out, you’re building memories and creating a new life that will encompass your little dictator and improve your life. Now, the fun begins.