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Airbnb Management: 4 Essentials

When hosting on Airbnb, you, will most likely face all kind of challenges starting with extra demands of guests to struggling to get bookings in a quite competitive environment. Airbnb management is not a walk in the park

Strong Emphasis on Cleanliness

Guests won’t appreciate a beautiful view when they see a rogue hair on a pillow. So it is imperative to hire a professional cleaning staff that you can trust. You can build this trust by meeting your staff at least once and inform them about your specific requirements. If you don’t want to spend too much money on cleaning services you may find some people who look for a part time job in the neighbourhood. No matter what path you choose, make sure that your property is shining before guests arrive.

Consider Automation

When it comes to Airbnb management, you will find technology quite useful. Technology is used by hosts together with the companies behind them. You might want to check out the vacation rental software such as AirGMS to manage your property. This kind of technology in general covers the entire hosting experience. Another automation tools you can take advantage of are:

  • Smart locks. These are electronically activated deadbolts that are directly installed into the door and controlled by using a smartphone. Being the holder of the master, you will make a lot of virtual keys on your mobile device and give access to those allowed entry to your property. Digital locks are a great option for remote hosts like you since they eradicate the chances of guests losing physical keys and make it possible for others to enter your property.
  • Smart thermostat. This device can detect movements and adapt accordingly. This allows automates the temperature when nobody is in the house. With this option, you can save on energy use through an app.

Give Importance to Reviews

Customer reviews should be a top priority for those who are doing Airbnb business. Good reviews will attract possible guests to book with you while negative ones can send them away.  Good reviews keep your rental booked on a regular basis and can be used to measure the effectiveness of your cleaning crew and automated devices. Don’t be shy to ask reviews from your guests and review them first.

Have a Comprehensive Guest Book

You should think of leaving a guest book for your guests and offer them important information they need for their stay. Because you won’t be there to personally welcome them and there is no front desk to ask some questions to, your guests will consider you as their main contact. Thus, it is ideal to give your guests as much information as you can through the guest book. It must include details like a check-in and check-out checklist, a list of phone numbers they can call when emergency arises, your contact information, a list of recommended restaurants, things to do and stunning destinations to visit as well as operating instructions for things which may not be easy to operate like a theater room or fire pit.

Get advantage of these tips and get most of your hosting business!