A New Way to Explore Spain

Spain is one of the most sensational countries in Europe. What makes Spain truly a gem is the unique history that it has experienced over the ages. There was a period during Spanish history where Muslims, Jews, and Christians all contributed to a flourishing peaceful society. What makes this period so important for Spanish history is that these groups have left an indelible mark on both Spanish architecture and Spanish culture. What many tourists miss when they visit Spain are the more obscure cities and towns in which to witness these remarkable roots. Even though Madrid and Barcelona are joyous, there is nothing quite like listening to a Flamenco show in Granada, Seville or Cordoba. Additionally, there is nothing quite like taking the original walking trail of Santiago from France to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain.


Given Spain’s immense diversity, it is wise to consider alternative tour options when considering how to see a specific region of Spain. To learn more about the benefits of trying a walking tour in Spain, continue reading below.

Where You Can Tour by Walking in Spain

The most distinctive parts of Spain to consider Spain walking holidays in are Galicia, the Basque Country, the Canary Islands, Andalusia, Cataluña, Aragon, Tenerife, and the Southern beaches. The reason that these regions are so wonderful to consider is that they each represent an entirely different cultural enclave that exists within the country of Spain. For example, in Galicia, there is an enormous Catholic history due to the famous ‘Camino de Santiago.’ One can take this walk from France and end up on the steps of the final cathedral where the Saint allegedly rests in Santiago de Compostela. If people would like to explore a more Flamenco inspired walking tour, they can head south and take a Spanish stroll through the charming city of Granada where there was an extreme influence from the Moors. Travellers will marvel at the Alhambra, which is one of the best-preserved Moorish palaces still in existence in the world. Those travellers curious about one of the world’s most interesting Romance languages can take a stroll and explore Cataluña. Within this part of Spain, one can get lost and find oneself at Monserrat, which is one of the only monasteries in Spain that still has singing monks.


Safety Expectations When Taking a Walking Holiday

When taking a walking holiday, it is imperative that you drink the proper amount of water. If you are able to do this, you will feel much better on your long trip. Additionally, you must eat regular meals so that you do not feel weak when you are walking long distances. Meals aside, you must wear proper walking shoes with safe soles in order to be prepared for terrain that is varied. You never know what you will encounter on a walking adventure, and it is best to be prepared. Lastly, it is essential to not walk too far during your tour. Research what is standard based on different fitness levels and plan your trip accordingly. You will be amazed at how a safe walking holiday will end up being one of your most cherished travel experiences.