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6 Handy Trips for Paving a Professional-Looking Parking Lot

Commercial driveway and paving jobs can face a lot of snags during the process of plan to execution. A lot of times these problems can crop up even before a crew ever sets foot in a location to begin work.

That’s why it’s very important to plan carefully when it comes to paving a professional looking parting lot. With things like Parking Lot Construction Cost at play, it’s important to try and get things right from the start. Here we take a look at six handy tips you can implement to help set you on your way.

Measure the Lot

It sounds obvious enough but it’s often a step that’s commonly overlooked. Use a measuring wheel and a reliable tape measure to track all the dimensions of a lot and then confirm it matches with the figures set out in a blueprint.

It’s crucial you from the edges of all structures and that you identify the locations and distances between key structural elements.

Determine a Start Point

A crucial part of the planning phase, knowing where to start paving a parking lot from is massively important.

Sometimes this might be dictated by other factors but consider a starting point with a crew and equipment in mind.

Size of the Paver

Chances are you’ll have a few different sized pavers to choose from. If that’s the case make sure you select one that matches the size of the project. Make sure you don’t waste money on something that’s likely to overreach and not be suitable for your aims. Likewise that you invest in something appropriate that isn’t going to cost you time.

Determine Number of Passes

Lining out the job is another thing to keep in mind. Take into consideration the layout of the lot you wish to pave on and the measurements taken. Then make a rough estimate as what the initial passes will have to be.

In might be that you have to pave in different directions at the beginning in order to get the correct number of passes in. When you know where you’re likely to put these, mark each one out.

Bid the Job Accurately

Commercial paving is a complicated process that involves a few different steps. Make sure you gauge the load properly.

Trucking Schedules and Options

Trucking is at the core of any paving job. Take a look at the options available to you as it’s also one of the most expensive.

You’ll want to determine how trucking is going to reach tour site, how long they trucks will have to wait on a lot and how quickly you can get them on and off a site.

You’ll also want to keep your crew busy and the production at a steady pace, that’s why it’s also crucial to look into what kind of trucks you can schedule, making a choice between six wheelers, ten wheelers or even larger.

Paving a parking lot is a lot more complicated than what you might first imagine. Take into consideration the aforementioned tips however and you’ll be less likely to make costly errors and get a solid job done.

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