5 Expert Picks for Up and Coming Holiday Destinations in South East Asia

Ready to visit South East Asia? The area is full of history, rich attractions and are certain to allow you to leave your worries behind! There are several areas throughout the South East Asia area that are beautiful, however, there are 5 destinations that you should always include in any South East Asia holiday vacation.

Seminyak in Bali

This is considered the most fashionable area to visit when in Bali, and a popular choice for Bali villa resorts. This area has become a tourist gateway with several business and locations that are directed at out of country tourists. The features of this location include:

Holiday Destinations in South East Asia

  • Numerous top restaurants
  • A beautiful beach to visit
  • High fashion boutiques
  • Numerous luxury hotels and resorts
  • Lively nightlife
  • Abundant entertainment options


This is the main tourist location for most of South East Asia. This area combines some beautiful natural landscapes, along with the amenities of a high tourism spot. Those who visit here often recommend this location as the people are friendly and the sites are amazing. Just a few samplings of what can be seen in Thailand include:

  • Gorgeous temples
  • Landscape that is as nature built it
  • Numerous restaurants that offer local cuisine
  • Several historical sites


Full of diverse cultures, it is the cultural aspects that make Malaysia a holiday destination. There are numerous festivals that take place here, that a tourist must attend when visiting. In addition, there are numerous restaurants for the local cuisine to try out, and you will find that residents are warm towards tourists, willing to talk and show way of life with those who visit.

Holiday Destinations in South East Asia


If you are looking for a holiday destination for relaxing, this location is going to more than fill this desire. This area has become the postcard of romance with the white sandy beaches, rich ocean and overall tropical feel to this location. It is considered to be a honeymoon location, however, it also makes for a relaxing holiday.

Hong Kong

This is perhaps one of the more crowded holiday destinations, but it is well worth it. Hong Kong is considered to be one of the more remarkable tourist attractions, as it has something for everyone. There are engineering sights for those who enjoy this, such as The Peak to give an amazing view of everything around. In addition, since this is such as a large area, you can rest assure that the cuisine is top notch. The Giant Buddha is a must see for those want to see the rich culture of the area.