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4 Tips to Save Money on a Trip to Australia

Traveling to Australia can be expensive, and the airfare alone will set you back quite a bit. On top of that because it is so big people tend to plan long trips – which can cause the accommodation costs to rise as well.

If you’re planning a trip to Australia on a budget, all these costs may seem prohibitive. However the good news is there are several ways that you can save a considerable amount of money:

  • Compare flight prices and check budget airlines

As mentioned, airfare is one of the ‘big ticket’ items on your budget – but it is also one that you can save on. Be sure to check budget airlines and compare flight prices, not just between airlines but also for different times during the year. As a rule flights between December and February (summer in Australia) are most expensive.

  • Scope out homestays or vacation rentals

Hotels and hostels can be a bit expensive, so as an alternative you can look for homestays (i.e. staying with a family in a home). If you are traveling in a group then vacation rentals may land you a good rate when shared. Another alternative that may interest you are ‘farmstays’ where you stay on a farm and get a feel for the authentic Aussie farm life.

  • Eat like a local

If you intend to eat out for every meal it can get pretty expensive, especially in Australia’s bigger cities. Rather than doing that, you can save a ton of money by eating like a local and buying groceries and cooking. Alternatively look around for some cheaper restaurants or takeaways.

  • Familiarize yourself with public transport

By far the cheapest way to get around within a city in Australia is by using public transport. In some cities certain bus or train routes may even be free, and in other cities you could get discount cards that will slash your fares.

As you can see these four tips should help you to cut down on your expenses in a big way and make traveling to Australia a more feasible prospect. Be sure to also plan other parts of your trip, and check if you need an Australia ETA visa or an eVisitor visa. Rest assured all this preparation is worth it, as once you actually get to Australia you’ll be in for an exciting time.

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